Led by certified FICO Professional & Credit Improvement Strategist, Aazim Sharp, we are a boutique credit repair company that is passionate about making a difference by helping people repair, build and maintain A-1 credit. We take great pride in our process, our work and our obsession with detail and becoming better everyday. We believe that bad things happen to good people and we all need support and we are here to help make a huge difference in the lives of the people we serve. We are a very cool and laid back small group focused on helping you improve your credit and your life.

meet the team


Aazim Sharp | Founder & CEO

Aazim Sharp is a certified FICO Professional, the founder and CEO of L.E.A.F. Credit Solutions. After running a successful real estate company in New Jersey, he started this business out of a need to repair his own credit after a personal hardship.

Aazim is the overseer of all company functions, he and his team are passionate about helping each client live a life of abundance.  His leisure time is most often spent with his wife and children, in addition to him serving where and when God leads him.


Jenis Sharp | Operations Mgr

Jenis Sharp brings more than 15 years of management experience to the team. She has been an essential part of the success of L.E.A.F Credit Solutions since the doors opened in 2008.  She oversees a full range of departments like customer support, dispute department and billing.

Jenis is a people person and she loves to serve others. Most of her downtime is split between enjoying her husband and children and serving in various communities with her church.


Heather Parker | Client Support Director

Heather Parker is the head of client support team and brings more than 20 years of management and customer relations experience to the team. Her sole responsibility within the organization is to manage the relationship between L.E.A.F Credit Solutions and each client they serve. Heather is a mom and a great majority of her down time is spent on family activities.


Jocelyn Santos | Sr. Client Coordinator

Joyce Javier is the lead client support representative and is responsible to ensure every client and affiliate inquiry is attended to in the professional manner and time frame  according to the company standard. Joyce is hands on with training all client support representatives and assuring the expectations of each client is met. Joyce is a wife, mother and enjoys spending her time with her family and fishing as much as her schedule permits.


Ladra Grace | Content Manager

Ladra Grace is the content manager, bringing more than 8 years of experience to the team. Her duties include research, content management, copywriting and publishing content for the benefit of the online community that follow the company. Ladra has consistently kept the most powerful, relevant, and up to date content in front of the community that continue to look to LEAF Credit Solutions for guidance with their credit, credit repair, credit building and maintaining credit.