meet aazim sharp



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Aazim Sharp is quickly becoming one of the most sought-after credit repair professionals in the nation. But, Aazim actually started his journey at the bottom. He and his family struggled with getting the things they wanted out of life because of poor credit, including a home to call their own. Once Aazim realized how much his credit was holding him back, he decided to do something about it. He learned everything he could about credit and credit repair. He started to fully understand that creditors and credit reporting agencies can be far less than honest when it comes to debts and credit scores. Over time, he was able to rebuild his own credit and get what he needed to support his family. 

Today, Aazim is a Certified FICO Professional and Credit Transformation Strategist. He founded Leaf Credit Solutions in 2008 to use what he learned during a challenging time as a father and husband to help other African-American families repair their credit. He's passionate about what he does and genuinely cares about his clients. He focuses on client goals and aspirations to develop a unique plan to repair and build their credit to accomplish those goals.

Clients appreciate his passion and drive. His job is more than just credit repair--it is a way to give individuals and families a means to get back on their feet. With better credit, they can make the financial moves they need, whether that is purchasing a house or securing employment. 


Aazim is one of the premier credit repair professionals in the United States, and he is a valuable resource people who are dealing with the many negative side effects of poor credit. Aazim has made guest appearances on the Atlanta Real Estate Radio Forum and has recently written articles for Compulsive Magazine. He has written "The Ultimate Credit Repair Guide," a resource book for those who want to take action to repair their credit. He also teaches continuing education courses in New Jersey and Georgia. 

Aazim has worked with professional athletes, entertainers, politicians, and business owners to help them take steps to repair, build, and maintain their credit. While he serves everyone who needs credit repair, he focuses his efforts on serving African American men and their families, as they are underserved when it comes to credit education and restoration. His goal is to help people overcome financial barriers so they can live to their fullest potential.