12 Reasons why we are the absolute best choice for repairing, building, and maintaining your credit!


1.  Through our Complete Credit Transformation Process, clients typically see at least 79% of negative accounts deleted from their credit report within just 6 months. Most companies have just a  20% - 35% deletion over 18 months.

2.  Dispute letters through LEAF are customized for your situation – the other companies use canned templates.

3.  With LEAF you get Unlimited Disputes for one low fee – we never dispute just a few items each month to prolong your process like other credit repair companies.
We build a specific credit repair plan tailored to your unique needs and goals.

4.  We force creditors to validate what they report to the credit reporting agencies and in most cases they fail to do so.

5.  We requests Goodwill Interventions to assist in removing late pays from your record.

6.  The 5-Factor Program addresses each of the five components that go into your credit score – other repair companies only deal with 35% of what makes up your credit score.

7.  LEAF Credit Repair provides you with resources and assistance in building good credit.

8.  LEAF offers you a Full Money-Back Guarantee – the other credit repair companies might offer you a partial guarantee.

9.  In addition, you receive a Lifetime Warrantee on deleted items.

10. And most LEAF customers benefit from having their available credit card limits doubled in 8 – 12 months. 

11. Because LEAF’s customers realize an Average Credit Score Increase of 129 Points in just 57 Days – customers at other companies hope to see up to 50 points increase over 6 months.

12. We give you tools to maintain your credit for the rest of your life Not only will you have experts working to repair your credit, but we teach you how to maintain your credit so you don’t fall back into the same situation.

We coach you on the best course of action to take if you ever have a credit issue pop up. We provide a lifetime of benefits.